My case against the standing desk craze.


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Remember when everyone thought “sugar-free” was healthy? And then it came out that artificial sugar causes just as many issues as real sugar.

Well, that’s my prediction about your standing desk.

While I commend anyone who realizes that sitting all day is not a way to spend the majority of your hours Monday through Friday, I don’t think the extreme opposite is the solution.

These days in my Pilates studio, I’m seeing just as many people with back pain and alignment issues from standing all day as from sitting all day. Why is this happening? Anything done in a sedentary manner for a prolonged amount of time will cause issues. Ultimately what the body needs is variety and movement.

So what can you do?

I wish the solution to sitting all day was as easy as switching to standing all day, but here’s the deal:

You can’t rely on outer changes to be a quick fix for your body. Quick fixes don’t work long term. It’s why they are called “quick fixes.”

Instead, I want you to look inward, understand exactly what your specific body needs, and fit this into your lifestyle as well as you can.

Here’s what that could look like for you and for your healthy, happy spine:

  1. Move as much as possible. Whatever you can get away with, go for it. Take 5 minutes to climb the stairs in your building. Close the door of your office to do 20 squats (or just squat out in the open like a rockstar). Simply stretch or twist your spine to one side to open up your back and side body. Figure out ways to weave movement into your day as much as possible. Commit to being healthier by making mindful movement (no matter how simple it is) a priority.

  2. Check in with your alignment all. day. long. Be conscious of how you are standing, how you are sitting, and how you are holding your body. Are you sinking into your joints or tucking your pelvis while you sit, stand, or walk? Use your body and muscular strength to support a decompressed, healthy spine.

  3. Breathe. Remember that your body is not static. It’s moving and operating all day long for you. Your lungs are expanding and contracting, your abdominals are moving out and in with your breath, your organs are operating for you. Connect in with this automatic dynamic movement by allowing your breath to expand into your front body, side body, and back body. Breath is powerful.Let it be a way to move your body even when you appear to be still.


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