Meet Charlotte

My interest in working with the body stems from my lifelong love of dance and my extensive dance training, which includes a BFA in Dance from Purchase College. Through studying ballet and contemporary dance I discovered my love for movement. After dancing on a few stages, I decided to pursue a career in movement and wellness.

Before, and during, making the decision to do what I do I definitely had my own struggles with body image, exercise, diet, weight, and pain. While I loved dance and continue to make dance an integral part of my life and creative self, growing up as a dancer also had its negative influence. I’ve been 30lbs heavier than I am now and I’ve been 15lbs lighter. Through it all, I had a warped sense of how I really looked.  

I didn’t know how to be healthy nor did I know what that felt or looked like. I had a toxic relationship with food and even though I made part of my living from dancing, I was completely disconnected from my body. It was a LONG and frankly, a physically painful journey to get to a place where I eat well, exercise enough (not too much and not too little), honor my body, and love my Self. Where I am now is not always perfect but I learned (the hard way) that perfection isn’t the end goal.

For the first time in my life I learned, during my Pilates teacher training, just how important it is to know how the body works and moves. I realized how much pain I was actually living in and in a way I had to teach my body how to walk again. I found myself learning how to stand, walk, dance, and move my body in a new (and pain-free!) way. Pilates simply changed my life.

1610310318Because of my personal experience, I am a Pilates teacher who takes the time to get to know each individual and determine what will best serve you and your body. It is my intention that your body doesn’t feel like a mystery but rather something you understand, appreciate, and even love.

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