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“I almost knocked a nurse down to the floor,” said my 70-something-year-old client.

Let me explain….

Before going through a medical procedure, my client was asked to push a nurse (literally!) so that the doctor could do a simple neurological and strength test.

“People like to assume I’m not strong because of my age,” she says to me as she recounts the story.

In the doctor’s office, my client lifted her unassuming arms and did exactly what the doctor was telling her to do, which was to Push. The. Nurse.

This nurse, according to my client, fell backward and almost hit the floor.

“Woah!”, the doctor says, “You’re strong!”

Damn right she’s strong.

She’s strong because she committed to learning more about her body with me months ago. She’s strong because even though she needs a hip replacement, she’s learned how to strengthen her core, relieve pain, and do the exercises that serve her body the absolute best.

Keep reading and find out exactly how I used this experience plus the following ones to inspire my self-study Pilates program, Awaken Strength

“I feel so empowered,” another client said in the middle of a session where we figured out together why her back was hurting and what would help it.

“I haven’t felt this good in 15-years,” another client said after going through the months-long process of understanding his personal anatomy and finding ways to get stronger even though he was recovering from a herniated disc.

“I am so much more aware of how my body moves and how everything works together,” another client said after she healed her abdominal diastasis and strengthened her entire body in the process.

These are a few examples of the many scenarios that have happened for clients and students of mine who have been willing to dive into the process I lead them through.

This process isn’t about just getting fit or just learning Pilates. It is different.

The process I present and lead clients through after over a decade of working with individuals who want to get stronger is about learning how to sense into YOUR body.

The ability to sense your body will awaken a sense of self, strength, and body awareness you might not even think possible.

Knowing this truth, I’ve been asking myself the following questions:

How can I offer support, relay information, and ask the student to work from the inside-out in a way that awakens an inner and physical strength they didn’t even know possible?

And how can all of this happen in a practical, easy-to-access, and effective way?

The answer to these questions has been the creation of a self-study Pilates-based movement program called Awaken Strength.

Through this program, you can now experience the process of knowing and understanding your body in an applicable way that doesn’t even require us to live close to one another.

Over the course of 6 months, Awaken Strength will guide you to learn about your body aka, your personal anatomy, so that you can:

  • Learn how to deeply care for yourself every single day, not just within the 45-minute Pilates videos. Learn how to integrate everything you’ll learn in those videos into your everyday life: how you’re walking, how you hold your body, how you sit at your desk.
  • Get out of pain through discovering how all the pieces of your body work and move together. Get out of the quick-fix mentality and integrate a movement practice that doesn’t just fit into your schedule, but actually changes how you live your everyday life.
  • Let go of the subconscious and untrue body stories you’re holding onto.  Whether it’s, “you’re not strong enough,” or “you’ll never be able to dance/play sports,” you’ll learn to stop believing the things that have been keeping you in pain, stuck, and cut off from your body.
  • Get off the spinning wheel of “I don’t know what I’m doing” and start to really own what your body can do. You’ll learn how to be in control and empowered in your own body while you’re exercising and beyond.

I 100% believe that you can:

  • Know your body better than specialists.
  • Begin a real relationship with your body, (one of the most important relationships you’ll have in this lifetime) so that you awaken a new kind of confidence and body love.
  • Find your self-practice that will last a lifetime.

If you’re reading this and saying, YES, YES, YES I want this! Then go ahead and click here to get the full details of the program and reserve your spot today.

Now before you go and tell yourself that you couldn’t possibly achieve the kind of strength and awareness I’m talking about, please remember my 70-year old client who shocked that nurse by pushing her way past what was expected of her strength.

If she can do it, so can you.

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