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More and more I’m hearing from clients or potential clients the following: My doctor told me not to exercise until I feel better. Or, My PT told me to stick to his/her plan and do nothing else but what he/she tells me to do until I feel better. Or, I haven’t had any issues in […]

One thing I constantly do with my clients is ask what they feel in their body when they go through movement. (I even annoyingly quiz them on which body parts are moving and working.) It sounds simple but I know this can be one of the hardest parts of being in relationship with your body. […]

If you are a woman who has had a baby and you have been told you have a diastasis and also have been told any of the following: 1. You can’t close it, you’ll have it forever. 2. Just don’t workout until it closes itself. 3. Make sure you never ever slouch on the couch […]

I got cheeky with my last blog post that was about the history of Pilates and titled it “Pilates and S&M.” (But seriously, people really do ask me if Pilates equipment is for S&M.) And it got me thinking about how much NOT caring for your body is actually like a form of masochism. The […]

When I tell people I teach Pilates, here are the top 5 responses I hear: 1. You must be very flexible because it’s all stretching, right? 2. Isn’t Pilates just for women? 3. Oh, so you use the medieval torture machines? (Or for the saucier bunch, the S&M devices.) 4. Pilates is just like yoga, […]

It’s that time of year again – the time when the “Get Bikini Ready” marketing is blowing up our emails and psyche. I thought it was a good time to revisit the topic of “tight abs” here on the blog. While I am a proponent for using any and all inspiration for healthier choices, I […]

I’m about to get super personal for a moment when it comes to Body Love… I’ve recently gained 13lbs — something that needed to happen after I dropped weight drastically when going through my past relationship turmoil and stress. But this new body, this body that is 13lbs heavier in a world where losing weight […]

Often times when I ask new clients or students to take a breath, I see a forced inhale that fills up the upper chest, causes constriction in the lungs, and takes force to exhale. Is this you? If so, I want you to try NOT breathing, and instead, I want you to start allowing. Let […]

Remember when everyone thought “sugar-free” was healthy? And then it came out that artificial sugar causes just as many issues as real sugar. Well, that’s my prediction about your standing desk. While I commend anyone who realizes that sitting all day is not a way to spend the majority of your hours Monday through Friday, […]

A few Saturdays ago I taught seven clients in a row (with little breaks, of course) and was reminded just how MUCH we all go through in this life. Yes, my clients come to me to care for and strengthen their bodies, but I also hold the space for clients to talk about their personal […]

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