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I know I just published a blog post suggesting you stick out your ass like a good Kardashian would, and I’m here today to offer another sweet little morsel of goodness for your body: Do NOT suck in your gut. If you notice that sucking in your gut is your go-to in order to have […]

Back in the day in Charm School, a woman would be asked to walk around the room with a book on her head in order to learn how to stand with perfect posture. I’m here to say, F*#k Perfect. Trying to have “good posture” from the top of your head is only going to create […]

“I almost knocked a nurse down to the floor,” said my 70-something-year-old client. Let me explain…. Before going through a medical procedure, my client was asked to push a nurse (literally!) so that the doctor could do a simple neurological and strength test. “People like to assume I’m not strong because of my age,” she […]

I’ve been talking a lot lately about you being in the driver’s seat of your own body and you being the keeper of your body truths. To me it’s one of the most powerful ways we can choose to live your life. And I’ll admit I’m personally on a mission to spread this idea and […]

If you’re a woman and have taken a class or had a session with me, you’ve heard me say the following: In fact, I say it so much that a client of mine had a tee-shirt made for me. Here’s the deal: I say this phrase in my little private one-on-one studio in New York […]

If you are a woman who has had a baby and you have been told you have a diastasis and also have been told any of the following: 1. You can’t close it, you’ll have it forever. 2. Just don’t workout until it closes itself. 3. Make sure you never ever slouch on the couch […]

It’s that time of year again – the time when the “Get Bikini Ready” marketing is blowing up our emails and psyche. I thought it was a good time to revisit the topic of “tight abs” here on the blog. While I am a proponent for using any and all inspiration for healthier choices, I […]

Often times when I ask new clients or students to take a breath, I see a forced inhale that fills up the upper chest, causes constriction in the lungs, and takes force to exhale. Is this you? If so, I want you to try NOT breathing, and instead, I want you to start allowing. Let […]

Remember when everyone thought “sugar-free” was healthy? And then it came out that artificial sugar causes just as many issues as real sugar. Well, that’s my prediction about your standing desk. While I commend anyone who realizes that sitting all day is not a way to spend the majority of your hours Monday through Friday, […]

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