The Fake News Of Good Posture


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There are two phrases circulating (in my opinion) way too much and they are the following:

  1. Fake News
  2. Suck in Your Gut

And coincidentally, “Suck in your gut” is the FAKE NEWS of good posture.

A client came to me with debilitating back pain over a year ago. He has since experienced a complete shift with his relationship with pain and his body. I have witnessed him completely transform and go from saying that his life feels over to saying that he is the strongest he’s ever been in his life. He broke bad habits, stopped relying on doctors that didn’t listen to him, and learned that he can be in the driver’s seat of his body.

Plot twist! He recently went to a lecture on back pain.

The lecturer suggested that the best way to have good posture is to suck in your gut and stand up straight.

My client decided to apply this advice to his body even after I reminded him that his core is a dynamic system that is meant to move with breath.

Last week, he walked into a session with, guess what — back pain.

And guess what relieved it — breathing.

After taking him through the exact core system exercises I teach in all my sessions and online classes, he felt relief. He himself put the pieces together that he absolutely has to connect with his breath on a daily basis and cannot rely on the old habit of  “sucking in the gut.”

Sucking in the gut, by the way, actually, destabilizes the spine. So if you have back pain, you may need to learn how to breathe. This is why I say over and over and over that breath is POWERFUL.

And if you are sitting there thinking that maybe you don’t really know how to breathe, you probably don’t. 

There are a few ways I can help you connect in with your breath at this point.

  1. Quick tips & doses of me: Head on over to my Instagram. I’m talking a lot of BREATH and am offering up some short videos and photos. (Handle: @charlotteblakepilates)
  2. A little more commitment: Friend me on Facebook where you’ll get even more information about movement that heals and strengthens from the inside, out. Just this last Saturday, I posted a short FB Live video demonstrating why the foam roller is your new best friend (and it has nothing to do with your IT Band.)
  3. You’re saying to yourself, “C’mon, Char, I know I need to seal the deal in order to really do this stuff”: Join my Awaken Strength tribe and movement. A small group of us are making waves by connecting into a relationship with the body, cultivating a self-practice that actually fits into life, and understanding anatomy in a way that makes sense and can be applied to everyday life. This online program is 6-months of consistent, applicable, deep work, meant to lead you toward a stronger YOU. More information is here.

If you notice that sucking in your gut is your go-to in order to have good posture or a “strong core”, think again. The body, (just like life) isn’t that simple. And yet once you understand how everything pieces together and works efficiently, you’ll find that you don’t have to GRIP or overwork anymore in order to do something like stand up straight.

Don’t fall for the fake news. Find your body’s truth.

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