What You Could Do Instead Of Buying That $365 Foam Roller.


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I know you can look up on the internet the best exercises for back pain.

I know you can reference the xeroxed handout of exercises your physical therapist gave you years ago for your neck pain.

I know you can buy that $365 roller that was featured in the New York Times (seriously, it exists!) and roll around on it hoping it does your body some good.

I also know you can get down on your floor and bend your body in a few stretchy ways that feel fairly good in the moment.

I trust that you can do these things. And I will even go as far to say that I bet money you have attempted at least one of the above.

But this is what you’re not doing…

You’re not sensing into your body.

You’re not feeling how everything pieces together to make up YOU.

You’re not able to troubleshoot why exactly your body is feeling a certain way and what exactly to do about it.

You’re not deeply caring for yourself.

And you’re not able to do this because you just don’t have the tools or don’t know where to start or you get overwhelmed by the word “anatomy.”

I don’t blame you. I’ve been there, too.

By now you’ve probably seen my emails about my online Pilates self-study, Awaken Strength.  Read-on to hear how I went from being clueless about my body to actually heal my own dance injuries….

When I was in college getting my dance major, I had to take an anatomy course. I was required to buy an anatomy coloring book and color every single bone and muscle and tendon in that book.

I learned nothing.

Seriously, that book looked like a bunch of jibberish to me. Which means, in short, my body felt like jibberish even though I was a dancer and used my body every day.

I was strong because I could leap and turn and dance across a stage. But I didn’t know there was a well of knowledge and a different kind of strength I was capable of. I really learned about anatomy and how exactly my body pieces together and supports me when I was going through my Pilates teacher training.

I learned applicable tools and exercises that I had never learned.

I learned what all that jibberish actually meant and I learned how to take my body through healing and strengthening exercises that then got me out of pain and in the best shape of my life. These are exercises I continue going back to.

Essentially, I found what my body needs for a lifetime.

I went from being injured, in pain, and a stranger in my own skin to healing my injuries, getting out of pain, and knowing my body so intimately, a true relationship could finally occur.

This is what I want for you and I promise it is possible.

It will take some time and commitment. It will take carving out space to slow down and go in your body in order to strengthen from the inside, out. And it will also take a little bit of a leap of faith.

Once you take this leap — I’ve created just the structure and space to help you get there.

If you still have a few questions about the Awaken Strength online study, take a look at the Q&A here.

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