Pre- & Post-Natal

So it hurts to have sex. You are pregnant or recently post-natal and you have a burning sensation in your abdomen. You lost all of your baby weight but your abdomen just doesn’t feel the same. You know something is off. You have a prolapse, are SO uncomfortable, and your Doctors are telling you that everything is fine. You were cleared to workout at your 6-week check-up but you know you’re not ready to jump back into what you were doing pre-baby. You feel frustrated and confused with what is ok or not ok to do. You don’t really know your body anymore. And to top it all off, no one is talking about the hard stuff you’re going through during your pregnancy or while you’re adjusting with your new baby.

 You are not alone.

So let’s get real for a moment. Having a baby isn’t all bubble baths and rosey cheeks. Apart from the hardship of adjusting to motherhood, your body is struggling, you’re in a certain level of discomfort (physically and emotionally), and you don’t know how to feel better.

So first of all, if something doesn’t feel right then it isn’t, no matter what your Doctor wants you to believe.

And secondly, don’t panic. There are multiple ways to address whatever issue you’re experiencing through this phase of your life.

1610310346Whether you’re wondering if you have a diastasis or want to heal yours, are experiencing pelvic floor issues, and/or are in pain — you possess the possibility to heal. I promise.

I’ve worked with the peri-natal community for over ten years, providing one-on-one support, workshops, lectures, group programs, and distance learning for women. My clients and students have experienced PROFOUND results just from knowing exactly what to do for their body as it is healing and adjusting to your new life. These results change lives and last a lifetime.

If you are pregnant or just had a baby and are looking for support, please don’t hesitate to contact me at to find out the multiple ways I work with women across the world.

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