Sucking in your gut: the Fake News of posture. Sad!


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I know I just published a blog post suggesting you stick out your ass like a good Kardashian would, and I’m here today to offer another sweet little morsel of goodness for your body:

Do NOT suck in your gut.

If you notice that sucking in your gut is your go-to in order to have good posture or a “strong core,” think again. Sucking in your gut actually destabilizes the spine and can cause back, neck, or even shoulder pain. The simple act that can ease this pain is: learning how to breathe.

“Learning how to breathe? Really, Char? Don’t we automatically KNOW how to breathe because we’re alive?”

Surprisingly, no.

Breathing is a dynamic movement and is never meant to be held or forced. NOT EVEN WHEN YOU’RE TRYING TO HAVE STRONG ABS. In fact, your abdomen is meant to move constantly and that movement is where you find wicked strong core strength.


So don’t listen to anyone who tells you that the path to better posture is sucking in your gut. Find your body’s truth by awakening your dynamic strength through movement.

If you’re curious to hear more about the Anti-Gut-Suck, a.k.a. real breathing, there are a few ways I can help you connect in with your breath.

  1. Quick tips & doses of me: Head on over to my Instagram where I’m offering up some short videos and photos. (Handle: @charlotteblakepilates)

  2. A little more commitment: Friend me on Facebook where you can see a Facebook Live video I just did on breathing and dynamic strength.

  3. Email me. I’m about to move into a new studio in the heart of the West Village in NYC with french doors that open out onto a gorgeous backyard. Sound dreamy? IT IS. This will be your Truth Sanctuary where body stories are shed and body truths are revealed. You will learn how to breathe in all the fresh air you possibly can while finding strength and body awareness you didn’t know possible. I’m accepting new clients to work with me or an amazing instructor on my team. Shoot me an email at if you’d like to connect!

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