I started working with Charlotte on the recommendation of a fellow mom. I was still dealing with postpartum issues, specifically pelvic floor weakness and diastasis, 7 years after giving birth. I had tried everything — Pilates, biofeedback, physical therapy and I felt like I was gaining no ground, and feeling hopeless.

Working with Charlotte not only improved my specific issues: she helped me completely transform my entire body. While I had been focused on the weakness of separate parts of my body, she helped me see the whole system, and helped me strengthen, integrate, and re-inhabit my body. Charlotte’s expertise is combined with a deep compassion and intuition for a woman’s individual needs. A single word, a touch in the right spot to guide movement, or the perfect push to do more (or less!) precisely when you are ready – Charlotte is a genius.

I am so grateful to Charlotte for bringing me back into my body and helping me feel my feet on the ground. It was the best, most fruitful gift I’ve given to myself, and to my family – I am stronger and have more energy for the life I love so much.

– J

Working out (swimming, running, lifting, etc) is something that has always brought me an incredible amount of happiness and self-confidence. However, I injured myself five years ago, and that injury led to chronic neck pain. Unfortunately, I let that pain consume my life and strip away my happiness. I ceased working out all together, went to dozens of physical therapists, consulted with countless doctors, and tried everything from acupuncture and yoga to chirotherapy and epidural injections (and much, much more). What’s worse is that, around this time, I started a highly stressful job with grueling hours that only seemed to make my pain worse.

Two years ago, however, someone recommended that I see Charlotte. By this point, I had tried virtually everything known to man and had grown accustomed to living with my daily, sometimes crippling, neck pain. Needless to say, I was skeptical and hesitant. But I gave it a shot, and I can confidently say that Charlotte changed my life. Not over night. Not even after a few months. It took time. However, I am sitting here today virtually pain free, and I have taken back control of my life. Charlotte helped me restore my confidence by really listening and tailoring her program. I now work out five days a week and am incredibly happy.


I came to see Charlotte about 3 months into my pregnancy. I had always been terrified about being pregnant and what would happen to me physically, so it felt very important to me to have an exercise program to support me through the journey. I also knew that I was going to back to work 6 weeks after the baby’s due date (I am an actress), and I had a lot anxiety about whether or not I would be ready for that, physically, mentally and emotionally. The work I did with Charlotte was instrumental in enabling me to balance and strengthen myself in those three pivotal areas — physical, mental, emotional. Two of the most important things we did together were breathing exercises and strengthening the core. The breathing helped me to focus inward and to calm and direct myself, and the strengthening of the core enabled me to connect with a center of empowerment and strength — one which started in the physical realm and extended into the mental and emotional realms. By the time the baby’s due date rolled around i think i was in better shape than I had ever been in my life. I felt physically capable and confident, which I think is why and how I found myself having the baby without an epidural, something I had thought about, but never really imagined myself doing. After giving birth, my physical recovery felt remarkable. It was as if all the training I had done so intentionally with Charlotte created the foundation and support for my body to naturally heal and recover/rebalance itself. Charlotte is a gifted and giving teacher. She brings caring, intelligence, intention, gentleness, power, and great sensitivity to her body work, and her clients reap those rewards. What a beautiful thing. Thank you, dear Charlotte!

– Christina

I wanted to build strength and flexibility to overcome recurrent back pain. You helped me to see that my emotional relationship with my body was just as crucial to overcoming pain and restriction as any physical practice.  With your guidance and support, I’ve become kinder, gentler, more appreciative and loving toward my body; a shift that has not only paved the way to greater physical strength and ease, but to a more easeful, dynamically strong state of general being.

-Amanda C.


Charlotte taught me so much about the physical impact of pregnancy and childbirth that I had never read in a book or heard from a doctor. She created a customized program to address the specific changes in my body that I was able to follow through on despite a very busy schedule that left little time for me.

– Julie S.

I have been training with Charlotte once per week for about a year. In that time I have seen and felt a huge transformation in my body – I definitely look better, but more importantly I feel strong and healthy. Charlotte incorporates a little bit of everything into our workouts – cardio, weights, pilates, yoga – so that it never feels monotonous; the hour always passes so quickly! I recently got engaged and Charlotte has been changing up the workouts to focus more on specific areas of my body that I want to work on. She really listens and understands the changes that I want to make and she incorporates that into our training. One of the things that I appreciate about Charlotte is that she really understands the connection between mind, body, and spirit and she makes that a focus of our workouts and our discussions about health and fitness. Charlotte is a great teacher and a wonderful person – it is a pleasure to know her!

– A.L.

As I sit here, enjoying the morning (with a still snoozing baby!), I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all of your help and support during these past few months. Your positive enthusiasm has made these transitional times so much less lonely and MUCH more comical. I think you’re amazing at what you do and you have a truly fabulous attitude. I am honored to work with you.

– L.B.

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