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Back in the day in Charm School, a woman would be asked to walk around the room with a book on her head in order to learn how to stand with perfect posture.

I’m here to say, F*#k Perfect. Trying to have “good posture” from the top of your head is only going to create more problems in your body.

I work with people every day who want “better posture.” I help them debunk the myth that they just need to hold their shoulders back and chin up like a good little debutante and I teach them that ideal alignment starts from the hips and pelvis.

In other words, if you want “good posture,” then repeat after me:

I want my ASS OUT.

Over here at Charlotte Blake Pilates, we aren’t trying to make sure you look perfect at the demise of being healthy. We aren’t striving for perfection. We aren’t making you find a perfect pose and then telling you to never move from that place.

We spend time teaching each client how to find flexibility and strength through movement, and how to find an alignment that not only eliminates pain but makes sense to you.

And we know that ideal alignment is largely about keeping the ass…..OUT.

No more hiding. No more “Oh I need to be ladylike and keep my ass tucked in.” No more complaining that tight hamstrings just can’t get looser now matter how hard you try. No more, “I’m going to stay small and just keep this ass of mine tucked away.”

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Stick that sucker out.


Because what you think is a neutral or straight spine is actually, most likely, tucked. When I say tucked, I mean that you’re probably rounding your lower spine. How do you know you’re rounding your lower spine? Here are some indications:

  1. Your hamstrings are tight and never loosen up, no matter how much you stretch.

  2. You have low back pain.

  3. You’ve had disc issues in your low back that you’ve never been able to resolve.

  4. When you look in the mirror, you see zero ass.

  5. When you touch the small of your back, there’s no arch.

I recently realized I needed to shift my pelvis even more so that I could finally rid my body of the ass-tuck. When I worked on un-tucking my pelvis, it felt like I needed to build a whole new room for my ass. But also, my neck pain subsided, it felt easier to stand all day at work, my head stopped drooping forward, I didn’t have to work so hard to keep my shoulders open, and it also just looks better.

Want to explore this more? I made a video in my studio in NYC with David Murphy during my Challenge Your Plank online event. He introduced me to a way to find and embrace the low back arch and the ass-out mentality. (He calls it “feeling like a Bushy Tailed Squirrel.”) Take a look at it here and let me know how it goes.

Lastly, I know that sticking your ass out can bring up some *feelings*. Especially for women. I get that. Trusting that your ass is meant to be out – not for vanity reasons or fitting into an idealized sex-appeal standard, but actually so that your spine is healthy and aligned – is a shift in mentality.

I understand feeling bashful about making this change. So let me leave you with this — whenever I feel shy about my ass being out, I remember those Kardashians shaking their tail feathers all over town with NO SHAME and I say, Thank You, Kim, for reminding me that Ass-Out is A-Okay.

So I challenge you to embrace your inner Kardashian in the name of alignment. Your body will thank you.

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