You’ve been told this is a secret. It’s not.


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When I first started in the fitness and wellness field as a personal trainer over a decade ago, I was taught to not give all of my knowledge and information away to my clients. I was taught to keep some things a secret so that clients would want to keep coming back to me.

This was a corporation making sure I made them money.

I didn’t follow their advice because I knew then, as I’m telling you now, that knowing your body, feeling comfortable in your skin, and understanding how all the parts and muscles and bones piece together to make up YOU isn’t some top secret file that only specialists have access to. 

You are the keeper of the information. This is sacred information for you to understand and not give away to someone else.

You are in the driver’s seat of your own body.

And the best part is:

You don’t have to get your medical degree to understand your body. 

I know it seems like doctors and specialists can spout out fancy anatomy words and know more about your body than you do. And it’s true that doctors work very hard to learn extensive anatomy and how to medically treat you. But I’m telling you that you don’t have to get your MD to know your personal anatomy. 

It’s intimidating when a doctor uses big words to explain the body and what ails you — in a way that is only half comprehensible — and might make you think there is just no way you’ll ever be able to understand your body the way a specialist can.

Here’s another truth about doctors — I’ve had doctors work with me as clients. These are doctors who know their fancy anatomy lingo, yet still learn from me how to actually USE, for the first time in their lives, this knowledge physically. 

Through the exercises I’ve introduced to doctors, they’ve learned how their body works as one whole unit. The doctors I have worked with have had PROFOUND shifts when it comes to understanding their body. They have:

  • Figured out how to live pain-free after years of being in pain doing the work they do with patients.
  • Learned how to bounce back 100% from medical surgeries and procedures that their body needed but couldn’t recover from.
  • Finally committed to caring for their bodies fully, not just medically meaning they actually live more fulfilling lives with less pain, with more body knowledge, and with a complete understanding of what their body needs.
  • Been able to suggest movement-based healing modalities to their patients that they KNOW from first-hand experience helps one live a healthy life.

Simply put, working with me has changed their lives.

That’s right.

Even a doctor needs to learn the tools that I teach my clients and students all the time.

And these tools aren’t top secret or hard to understand.

You don’t need fancy equipment, an extra degree, or even hours of studying to experience what it means to own your body. Learning the basics of your anatomy and applying it to movement meant for YOUR body is profound because YOU learn what YOUR exact body needs to thrive.

Knowing how all the parts and muscles and bones piece together to make up YOU is where the magic of understanding your body lies.

And understanding this simple truth actually gives you a leg up on doctors, so to speak.

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