A Boutique Pilates Studio
in New York City



Our mission is to help you better understand your body so that you can bring greater alignment, stability, and presence to your self and your life.

The power in this work comes from transformation: letting go of what isn’t working and manifesting the fierce, powerful, grounded YOU that you’re fully capable of being. Supported by a community that values compassion, you’ll learn how to confidently move through life guided by the strength and wisdom of your body.


Be Supported By A Team That Values Compassion


Our programs are designed to help you integrate pilates into your everyday life.

Our YOU-focused philosophy allows us to align your practice with your desired lifestyle so that you can rediscover your inner strength and reclaim your power as you surrender to the natural flow of life. Through accountability, personal attention, and customized exercises, our programs help you bring greater alignment, strength, and presence to your body and your life.


Align Your Practice With Your Desired Lifestyle


"I was feeling stuck.... I was hesitant to go back to a more high-intensity modality like crossfit which has resulted in injuries in the past. I wanted a foundation to build upon, both physical and psychological, that would help me grow the key functions of my body in a sustainable and effective way."

— David


Let Go Of What Isn’t Working For You


Rediscover your inner strength and feel better in your body. Begin your transformative journey to a more powerful you.