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Charlotte Blake
Founder + Certified Pilates Instructor

Charlotte established Charlotte Blake Pilates to help people bring greater alignment, strength, and presence to their body and their lives. Charlotte’s passion for this work is fueled by her lifelong love for dance. After studying ballet and contemporary dance for many years, receiving her BFA in Dance from Purchase College, and navigating life as a dancer in New York City, she decided to pursue a career in holistic movement and wellness.

As a dancer, Charlotte struggled to take care of her self and her body. She developed a warped sense of body image and a toxic relationship with food, drastically fluctuating in weight. Pilates truly changed her life. Throughout her pilates training, Charlotte learned the importance of knowing how the body works. As she reconnected with her own body, she realized how much physical pain she had been living with and rediscovered how to stand, walk, dance, and move her body in a powerful and pain-free way.

Charlotte’s transformative journey ultimately brought her to a place where she now celebrates her life, honors her body, and loves her self in all her imperfection. Because of her experience, she takes the time to get to know each individual and determine what will best serve them and their body, listening attentively even when others haven’t. It is Charlotte's intention to help you better understand your body and your self so that you can stand firm in your power and embrace the beauty in your life.

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Emily Bennett
Certified Pilates Instructor

Emily has practiced pilates for over 15 years. Having trained at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, Emily honed her skills as an actor, singer, and dancer. Her athlete-like training integrated elements of Alexander Technique, Laban Theory, dance, contortion work, and stage combat. She has suffered many injuries throughout her career, but has always returned to pilates as a source of healing, strength, and empowerment.

Emily received her mat training from Jennifer Golden Zumann at Pilates Chicago and her equipment training from Kim Fielding at Gramercy Pilates in New York City. Her goal is to deepen her knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics of the body, and to integrate classical pilates theories with modern teaching techniques. She instructs both performers and non-performers alike in the hopes of sharing the lifelong benefits of pilates. She believes, as Joseph Pilates once said, “Everyone is the architect of their own happiness.”


Risa Harris
Certified Pilates Instructor

Risa was first introduced to Pilates as a teenager, while studying dance at a performing arts high school. She began a consistent Pilates practice while working as a receptionist at a Manhattan studio. Excited by the way the method grounded her body and eliminated her chronic back issues, she received her full apparatus certification at Center for Movement under Morwen Banq. 

Risa loves using Pilates as a means of connecting people with their bodies in a way that both nurtures and challenges. She is constantly inspired by the method’s long-term benefits in people of all ages. Eager to further her understanding of the human body in motion, she currently studies kinesthetic anatomy with Irene Dowd.

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Ellyn Sjoquist
Certified Pilates Instructor

Ellyn Sjoquist made her way into the Pilates world when juggling dance jobs and desk jobs triggered intractable back and hip pain. She was totally astounded by how Pilates improved her day-to-day quality of life, and went on to earn her mat and equipment certifications from the Kane School of Core Integration at Kinected Center in New York City.

As a practitioner, Ellyn has worked with self-identifying movers and non-movers of all ages. Ellyn hopes to foster in her clients a deeper, more physicalized understanding of their own bodies as complex, malleable instruments. To build relationships as collaborative explorers and motivated body detectives. To help her clients to articulate their goals and then exceed them. To approach each client holistically, with deep compassion and sound knowledge. Ellyn truly believes bodies are amazing, and movement is healing.


Sally + Sasha Mercedes
CBP Support Team

Sally + Sasha are committed to supporting you throughout your transformative journey. They are here to help you get started, handle all of your scheduling needs, and make sure your experience at Charlotte Blake Pilates exceeds your expectations.

Sally + Sasha take care of all the magic that happens behind the scenes so that you can focus on manifesting a more powerful you. For general inquiries and booking requests, email our Support Team at


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